Ireland Tour – Rescheduled…..again

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Hey folks, first let me thank all of you who are going on our Ireland trip for your tremendous patience. We know this has been a long, long road. We were all so excited to start the adventure back in March 2020 but, like so many other things, it got wiped out by this horrendous pandemic. So we moved it to November 2020, then March 2021. No one thought we would have to move it again and, when the vaccines were announced, we hoped that maybe we could stick to that March date.

After many conversations with all my music contacts in Ireland I was convinced that the country will not be fully open by the end of March. Our trip is built on packed gigs, brilliant nights at the pubs and phenomenal sightseeing. If any one of these elements is missing it just wouldn’t be the same.

Everyone I spoke too has said that the country will be back in business by the Fall and that the most prominent Irish promoters are starting to book shows for that period. For that reason, and with your safety foremost in our minds, we are moving the trip one last time. It will now run from October 30th to November 8th, 2021. Joe at Hammond tours has, for the fourth time, managed to keep the exact same itinerary in place. Thank you Joe for your Herculean efforts. WE ARE STILL GOING TO THE CASTLE!!! We are still going to Dublin, Belfast, Galway and Donegal. All the amazing plans we had are still on and optimism can return.

We all need something to look forward to more than at any time in our lives. We are exhausted with the virus and in real need of some positivity. Stepping off that plane will fill our hearts with excitement and recharge our batteries after the long battle. We hope you will come with us.

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Much love,
Keith, Chas, Justin, Dave, Ethan, Woofy and all our crew around the globe.

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