Happy New Year

And so it ends…..Of course I’m well aware that a mere calendar date change will not solve the troubles of the world but we’re still going to relish seeing the arse of 2020. Good riddance.

Last year I started my email by saying 2020 will be the best year yet! Clearly my future does not lie in fortune telling.

What a year. If anyone had told us back on March 13th that we would be out of business for the rest of the year I would have accused them of extreme exaggeration. Then it happened.

It’s a strange phenomenon that so much has happened this year and yet it feels like it went by in a matter of weeks. It has affected us all in different and extreme ways. Some had no disruption to their jobs, some were wiped out. Some made money from the pandemic, some lost everything. Most alarmingly, some lost a loved one before their time and some don’t even know anyone that had Covid.

But one thing is for sure, it affected the mental state of all of us and things will never be quite the same.

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Coming soon. My interview with Eric

We do, however, have a lot to be thankful for. The government financial aid saved this band. Without that relief things would have been very different. We are still above ground and, with the new extensions to the unemployment benefits, we should be able to weather the storm for a few more months. That’s big.

In my opinion the biggest problem professional musicians face is a loss of identity. For some it has been a very creative time but for others the cloud of gloom and uncertainty shut down that part of the brain. Hopefully, as the vaccinations are widely distributed, we can return to work, to making music and (most importantly for the Young Dubs) PLAY SOME GIGS!!!!

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Many folks have risen to the enormous challenges presented by the virus in order to keep us safe. We owe a depth of gratitude to the healthcare workers and all the frontline responders but I want to give a special shout out to the “essential workers” who have kept the shelves stocked in our grocery stores. I think it is sometimes forgotten that, in many cases, they had no choice. As their place of work was still open they couldn’t just quit and collect unemployment. They were just as scared of contracting Covid as the rest of us but, in order to provide for their families, they showed up and did their jobs. Most of us showed them our support by wearing masks and trying to slow the spread while we shopped but many didn’t. A lot of them were earning less than those on pandemic relief assistance but they kept going and continue to do so as the disease rages on. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope when this is all over you get the credit you all deserve.

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Working towards an exciting 2021

We are working on lots of cool stuff for 2021 but I’m not going to jinx it by saying “It’ll be the best year ever” It very well may turn out that way though. We are all ready to get back to living as the social animals we are. How amazing would it be if we re-merged actually liking each other again too!! We can all apologize for losing our marbles for a while and re-establish our family bonds and friendships. Blame it on the Rona man.

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The more you drink the less offensive my legs will seem

Happy New Year to everyone and, remember, the more you drink tonight, the worse you’ll feel tomorrow. But then things can only get better. So bottoms up!!

See you all in 2021. Celtic Rock and Roll shall soon ride again.

Much love,
Keith, Chas, Justin, Dave, Ethan, Woofy and all our crew around the globe.