Bass – Vocals

Born and raised in Lawrence, Ks and Kansas City, I grew up around a lot of music, mostly classic rock, blues, jazz, blue grass and country as both my parents were avid music fans. Early on, although listening to a ton of music, I was more of a sports kid focusing on my athletic abilities in soccer and baseball. Then I discovered the guitar at age 10. 

It wasn’t long before I turned my attention to the bass guitar(after seeing someone playing a stand up). I joined forces with High School friend and longtime band mate Jeff Lash (who Dub fans may remember as ‘Merchie’, drum tech and stage manager for many years). We played in several bands in K.C. until finally deciding to relocate to Los Angeles in 1989. We were hell bent on making careers out of this.

After a few years of playing in different bands and struggling in LA, I decided to head to the west side (tha best side) and apply for a job at a little ‘Dublin’ pub called ‘Fair City’ in Santa Monica. It was there that I first ran into Keith and Carl Roberts. We soon became great friends and, although a special connection was instantly apparent, we had no way of knowing how significant these friendships would become.

After a few years of sold out shows at ‘Fair City’, The Young Dubs signed their first record deal and began touring. They didn’t have a crew at the time so Keith asked me if I’d like to join them on tour as their crew and guitar tech. As this aligned with my interests and career path I happily joined. Once established as The Dubs guitar/instrument tech, I started getting recognized in the industry, teching for many artists such as Everlast, Stanley Clarke, Mick Fleetwood and the Red House Painters on my off time from the Dubs. 

It was not long before the Dubs were ready for another crew member so Jeff came on board and we immediately began opening shows for the Dubs on tour. Although we loved the job, playing and then working the show proved too difficult and soon after I decided to pursue my own career as a musician, receiving the full support of the band as I headed off. 

I had been composing and compiling samples, creating drum loops and recording live instruments while touring with the Dubs, which caught the ear of Laurie Crook Roberts (Carls wife) and we soon teamed up to form ‘Sid8’. Sid8 was a very experimental, part live, part electronica ambient acid funk duo that quickly turned into a trio when Jeff joined on drums.

After a couple of years of consistent giging, my “day” job made me an offer I could not refuse, to relocate to the Hawaiian Islands. Although it meant the end of Sid8, hundreds of similar bands would emerge shortly after which proved we were onto something.

Once in Hawaii it didn’t take long to miss playing music so I wandered into the local music shop and what did I see sitting there? You guessed it, my first double bass. I had dreamed of playing this instrument since I was 11 or 12 so without hesitation I made it mine. I plucked and pulled on this thing during my off time until my hands were bloody and blistered. I really didn’t feel like I was making much progress until I met local singer/songwriter Matty McIntire and joined his band The Intire Project. Often labeled as ’Alt Country’, the band was really much more of an acoustic instrument mish mash of styles and was forever morphing into something new. We soon recorded our first full length album and were playing high profile shows in larger venues all over Honolulu as well as receiving Na Hoku Hano Hano (Hawaiian Grammy) nomination for best alternative album that year. 

After Matty relocated to the mainland I began playing with several other artists but with Island life people tend to come and go and I found myself not playing much music for a couple years. 

It was then that I met my fiancé and her son and within a year we had another boy. We figured it was time to hunker down and focus on the family so we bought a three acre homestead on Hawaii Island and relocated there from Oahu. At that point I began to feel that I was done aggressively pursuing music as my main career.

And then one day I heard through the grapevine that Brendan was leaving the Dubs. Although I didn’t jump straight at it initially, I had this feeling. A voice inside nagging me, telling me I should absolutely go for this. I spent several days conflicted about it, knowing that if I were to be chosen to play bass in the band, touring would require me to be away from my family for extended periods of time. I spent several days arguing internally before talking to my fiancé about it. Her immediate and amazingly strong support and excitement surrounding this opportunity was all I needed. So here I am, full circle, a Young Dubliner, feels like I’m coming back home… 

I’m absolutely beside myself with excitement and can’t wait to see you all out there. . ! 

Aloha and Mahalo for all the amazing support!