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It’s time to bring live rock and roll back into people’s lives and the Young Dubliners are just the band to do it. After thirty years as one of the world’s leading Celtic Rock bands, the boys have begun work on their tenth studio album while simultaneously launching the 2021 limited summer and Fall tour. This includes their rescheduled TRIP TO IRELAND in November where they will bring 150 US fans with them. All trip details can be found at

They are also welcoming onboard new bass player Ethan Jones who had previously worked for the band in the early days as a tech and stage manager. When the Dubs were holding auditions for the job in November 2019, Ethan reached out and said he would like to try out.

Although they hadn’t seen him in many years it was as though they had never been apart. Ethan’s bass playing is superb but it was the ease with which he assimilated into the band that has really caused the most excitement and renewed commitment from everyone “It felt more like a family member coming home” says frontman Keith Roberts. Although Ethan only got to play a few shows before COVID shut them down, he is very excited to get back out there.

The new line up is Keith Roberts (vocals / guitar), Chas Waltz (Violin, keys, vocals), Justin Pecot (guitar, vocals), Dave Ingraham (drums) and Ethan Jones (bass guitar).

With a solid lineup and a new batch of songs to play live, The Young Dubliners are set to save 2021 and help revive live music. New tour dates are being added daily based on safely reopening venues. They vow to never put anyone at unnecessary risk but can’t wait to play for their tremendous fans all over the world.

The band has already begun work on the new album and announced its fundraiser to help pay for the recording. This will be the second time the band has looked to its fans to finance an album instead of a traditional record company. “The business has changed so much over our lifetime that it no longer makes sense for us to take money from a label and then owe it all back” says Roberts. “Making all our supporters co producers is a far more rewarding way to make a record and allows us to maintain control all the way”. The band will team up with long time producer, Irish born Tim Boland, and begin recording in the coming months. More details on that will be forthcoming.

The Young Dubliners have released nine albums to date. The set on the upcoming dates will draw from all their albums and include unreleased new material.

In recent years the Young Dubs have appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! had songs featured in TV shows (Sons Of Anarchy, Human Target) and toured extensively as a headliner and as the opener for such a diverse list of artists as Collective Soul, Jethro Tull, Johnny Lang, Los Lobos, Chris Isaak and many more.

Although the Young Dubliners sound is most commonly called ‘Celtic Rock’, that label can often be misleading. The Irish influence is certainly there, but it’s not the only influence that bursts through on their albums or live shows. After all, several of the band members have no Irish roots of any kind. “That was always the idea”, explains Roberts “The sound was intended to be a hybrid because we all come from different backgrounds. Even though I am from Ireland, a lot of the music I listened to growing up wasn’t Irish at all, but when I got here, I got homesick and developed a new appreciation for Irish Music. In truth the Celtic riffs can just as easily come from the American band members. Everyone writes now so you never know what you’ll end up with.

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“(the songs) range from stadium-friendly extravaganzas to more intimate but equally outspoken pub-sized opuses. Lead singer Keith Roberts’ powerhouse vocals front a maelstrom of fiddle vamps, howling guitars and frenzied drums. But even so, the hint of rueful melancholy that lies at the heart of traditional Celtic music survives, transformed yet triumphant.”

-Amazon Music

The Band

Keith Roberts
Vocals - Acoustic Guitar

Chas Waltz
Violin - Keyboard - Harp - Mandolin - Vocals

Ethan Jones
Bass - Vocals

Dave Ingraham
Drums - Percussion

Justin Pecot
Guitar - Vocals

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