9 - Nine - Naoí

March 4, 2017
2 Songs
7 Minutes

Nine is the latest, and the first completely independent, album from the Dubs. Created by the band and financed by the people – by you – with “total creative freedom and control for the first time in the band’s history.”

It is truly the Peoples’ album…

“There are no gimmicky drinking songs. This is like a pint of honest rock music with a shot of Irish flair dropped in for extra kick.” -Spokane Inlander

“The Los Angeles-based band of Irish- and American-born rockers still busts out the Guinness-spilling anthems like nobody’s business.” -Idaho Statesman

“(The Young Dubliners) always put on a great show, always get the crowd dancing. And that vibe fortunately translates well to (NINE), there are plenty of tracks to get you off your seat.” -PopCultureBeast

“(The Young Dubliners) have delivered a masterwork courtesy of their first-ever independent release… Nine is an album that will ring true on St Patrick’s Day and every other day of the year.” -Desert Star Weekly