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There is so much to tell you, I hardly know where to start. April is coming to an end and that means we are getting back to work and prepping for a summer full of gigs, indoors and outdoors, and a lot of recording.

We will be back in the “writing barn” on May 7th where we will continue to work on new songs for the album. We are over halfway there and excited to finish up this next batch. Those of you who saw us in March know that we have added a few new songs to the set list. We will be playing them at these upcoming dates too, as we work out the bugs and get ready to start tracking.

Making an album is an expensive undertaking and we want to thank all of you who have pledged to help us with the costs. Your response has been amazing, and we are so grateful to have the ability to make a record without label loans and deals that favor everyone but the band. This self-funded system gives so much more freedom to the band, and we plan to make you all proud.

If you would like to help us please CLICK HERE

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We have recently added lots of new dates but there are still many more coming. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the tour page to make sure you don’t miss us if we are nearby.


On Friday, May 13th and Saturday, 14th, we start off the season with a return to the Grand Valley Highland games in Grand Junction, Colorado. This is how we started last year’s summer run and now, we get to do it all again.

May 13th will be the kickoff party at the Mesa Theater with our mates, The Wicked Tinkers. If you haven’t seen us play together yet, you are missing out.

It’s a show that features two sides of the Celtic Rock world, Irish and Scottish. The Tinker boys are great fun and the audience at the Mesa are legendary. It was the first show we played after lockdown last year and it was epic. Let’s top it!


On Sat, May 14th, the show moves to the Mesa County Fairgrounds. This is a fun festival vibe for the whole family with vendors, food and Highland games. Both YD and The Wicked Tinkers will perform on an outdoor stage.

Be warned, there will be men in kilts. If one of them should bend over to pick something up, it would be advised to cover your eyes or turn your head immediately. Failure to do so could result in severe trauma.

May 28th and 29th we head to Upstate New York for the East Durham Irish Festival.



The Little Bear

We have a very special “just added” gig to tell you about.

On Sat, Sept 17th we return to the Little Bear in Evergreen, CO. This brilliant, rockin roadhouse holds a very dear place in our hearts (It’s featured in the sleeve art of our album, RED). It is a favorite with all The Young Dubs, and we are very excited to be going back.

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The “On The Blue Cruise” is back!

We are thrilled as it is such a highlight to our year. This time we sail from Jan 28th to Feb 2nd, 2023. The lineup is phenomenal. Wall to wall music all over the ship with lots of rock icons (and us).

See the amazing trip HERE



We only announced this trip a week ago and it is already half way to selling out. It is now the fastest selling trip we have had since the very first one, all those years ago.

This time we are staying in the Southern part of Ireland, with shows in Cork, Killarney, Kilkenny and Dublin. As usual there will be days filled with sightseeing and nights filled with craic and rock and roll. We have a few new tricks up our sleeve for this one which will be revealed soon.

These trips seem to keep getting better and better.

Grab your spot TODAY by contacting Hammond Tours. Click here

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On a personal note……

April was an interesting month in Dubland. After a very successful (but exhausting) March tour we decided to take a few weeks off to recharge.

Unfortunately, my down time turned into a slightly scary experience as my ongoing battle with the sun resumed.

I had been concerned about a small mark on my nose for a few months and finally had time to go see my skin Doc and have it checked out. The biopsy came back positive and so I had to go in for Mohs surgery on the tip of my honker.

Now, I am the first to admit I was no oil painting to begin with, but nonetheless, I was pretty freaked out about what lay ahead for the “garden hose”.

In the end I was lucky. It took just one more procedure to get it all and I am now healing up well.

The reason I am telling you this is to hopefully encourage all my fair skinned brothers and sisters to get regular checkups. Because I get checked four times a year, I was able to catch this early. It is very controllable with early detection so please don’t put it off.

As I have said at many festivals over the years, if it looks like Ireland, get it checked out. I would add to that, if it looks unusual and doesn’t go away on its own, get it checked out.

A big thank you to the Doc and my loved ones who dealt with this “Big Baby” and kept my spirits up.

Stick man fav

See you soon,

Keith, Justin, Ethan, Dave and Chas

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