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This week we are heading back up North to the Great State of Alaska. It’s no secret how much we love playing shows up there, but this trip has some extra special meaning. Not only are we going to be playing some phenomenal gigs, but we are also introducing our new crew, Chris and Daniel, to the wonders of the Upper One.

Next week we will announce dates in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. All happening in late September, early October.


When we first played in Fairbanks we fell in love with The Blue Loon. For some reason the shows there would always be incredible. When it burned to the ground three years ago, with no plans yet to rebuild, we thought our FB days were over. Until this Thursday, Aug 11th. We’re back!

Thanks to the folks at The Spur and with the support of the RadioStation, we are finally returning and it’s looking like things are about to go off again.

Grab your tickets HERE


Then on Friday, August 12th we are breaking more new ground. Some of you may have caught our winter shows at Matanuska Brewery in Anchorage. Now we head to their brand new live venue in Eagle River. They have built an amazing outdoor stage and we plan to give it a run for its money.

This summer they featured bands from every genre, but they haven’t had The Dubs yet! This is memory building time.

Info and TIX HERE.


To round it off, on Sat, Aug 13th, we are heading back to one of my personal favorites, The Kenai Peninsula Beer Fest.

It’s a chance to sample all that the Alaskan craft beer market has to offer while watching The YD leave it all onstage.


I would be remiss if I didn’t add that I will be spending a few days after the shows fishing the Kenai River for salmon with my buddies Matt and Tony. It’s what makes this job so rewarding. We get to meet brilliant people who show us around and treat us to the wonders of their communities.

Alaska is a very unique place, and the audiences are some of the very best in the world.

We can’t wait.

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We want you to come to Ireland with us, yes you!

March 25th to April 3rd, 2023.

Literally only a handful of tickets left for the Ireland Tour.

This time we are staying in the Southern part of Ireland, with shows in Cork, Killarney, Kilkenny and Dublin. As usual there will be days filled with sightseeing and nights filled with craic and rock and roll.

We have also added a very special treat for those of you who are fond of the Uisce Beatha. Turns out Keith have a distant relative who owns Clonakilty whiskey. It would be rude not to bring our 120 American friends to his wonderful establishment and relieve them of a few bottles.

These trips seem to keep getting better and better.

Grab your spot TODAY by contacting Hammond Tours. Click here

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The “On The Blue Cruise” is back!

We are thrilled as it is such a highlight to our year. This time we sail from Jan 28th to Feb 2nd, 2023. The lineup is phenomenal. Wall to wall music all over the ship with lots of rock icons (and us).

See the amazing trip HERE

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See you soon,

Keith, Justin, Ethan, Dave and Chas

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