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Chas Waltz

Violin - Keyboard - Harp - Mandolin - Vocals

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Chas' life story (in a nutshell)

I was created in Kansas City, Mo. a long, long time ago! I lived in various places in Kansas up until I was 12, then moved to Philadelphia where a whole new world smacked me in the face. I was in big city mode now, seeing some great live shows for the first time and thus figuring out that's what I want to be when I grow up. Another rock n roll knucklehead!

I was born into a musical family so singing and playing seemed to come naturally at an early age. Evidently I would stick my ear by the speaker and listen to my parents' records for hours. I was 2! My mom said I was lost to the music world from then on. This explains my possible damaged brain! I started piano lessons when I was 5, violin lessons at 10, been singing as long as I can remember and listening to The Beatles and any other rock n roll my older brothers were turning me on to by age 6. The R n R bug bit me early and hard.

I was getting a little bored with the whole classical orchestra thing and began using the fiddle in rock bands with my older brother Paul(drummer). I was 13 at the time and would somehow sneak in for the ocassional bar gig. During those Philly years I was jammin' with a lot of different musicians and bands and it sort of helped me find my niche, as a rock n roll fiddle player. I moved back to Kansas City when I was 18 and began making music as a career. What a wild ride it's been since! Recording and touring in bands from K.C. then eventually moving to what a friend of mine calls "Babylon", Los Angeles.

So I meet these Irish guys a couple of years into my stay in L.A. I was playing with Dave King, now of "Flogging Molly", at the time and we were doing gigs with "the Dubs" every Sat. nite in Santa Monica. Those buggers grabbed me when they needed a fiddle player (must of been Keith's charm and wit) and was with them for a few years, during the recording of "Breathe". I left "The Dubs" for a while to pursue other musical interests (what was I thinking?) and came back with the band 4 years ago. Without a doubt, the most fun band I've ever played and been involved with! Let the wild ride continue.....