Ten days on the road in Ireland with a rock band. Sounds crazy we know but as we approach our ninth trip we can honestly tell you it’s one of the greatest holidays you will ever have.

The days are spent seeing the sites or just wandering through Irish towns and villages. Nothing unusual about that but it’s the nights that make this such a unique experience. There will be three full on rock shows in Killarney, Cork and Dublin. An intimate acoustic performance in a castle (pictured above) where you are staying!! There will also be nights where the band and the group just head out on the town to explore the nightlife of wherever we are that night.

All of this AND a hotel bar in each 5 star hotel that stays open until we say we’re done. Need I say anymore. Head to Ireland 2018 pageĀ and get yourself all signed up. We are not saying for sure that this is the last one but it’s a distinct possibility.