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LAST UPDATED Aug 23rd, 2016

Welcome to all you need to know about THE YOUNG DUBLINERS and our upcoming TOUR.

Heading East now. First stop CT..


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August 24 / Wed / Hamden, CT The Ballroom at the Outer Space

August 25 / Thurs / Norfolk, CT Infinity Hall

August 26 / Fri / Philadelphia, PA World Cafe Live

August 27 / Sat / Westampton, NJ Burlington County Amphitheater (Updated Website Coming Soon)

September 9 / Fri / Richmond, VA The Tin Pan

September 10 / Sat / Bethlehem, PA Levitt Pavillion Steelstacks

September 16 / Fri / Denver, CO Levitt Pavilion

September 17 / Sat / Steamboat Springs, CO Oktoberwest Brewfest

September 18th / Sun / Jerome, ID Diamondz Event Center

September 22nd / Thurs / Agoura HIlls, CA The Canyon Club

September 23rd / Fri / Pasadena, CA The Rose Theatre

September 24 / Sat / Murrieta, CA Get Shamrocked Festival

September 30 / Fri / Pleasanton, CA Firehouse Arts Center

Our Ireland Trip ran March 31st to April 9th and it was a blast. Next one will be announced soon.

See what you missed IRELAND 2016 TOUR.

Fairwell to a beautiful lady and one of our favorite supporters.

We just heard the sad news that a dear friend of the band had passed away. She may have been one of our oldest fans but she was the youngest one at heart. We'll miss you Butch but we'll never forget you. Sleep well darlin.

Check out a video of our House of Blues show brought to you by our friends at Stoutheart Entertainment Video.

.... check out some recent concert pics and vids on our Facebook page.

Alaska, Montana and the tale of Joey, the chubby Beagle.

I thought I would share a story that is actually about Montana but could just as easily pertain to Alaska. During the last tour on a stop in Cody Wyoming a very sweet young girl and her Dad gave me a gift of some home made root beer and a bag of jerky. Now I am no aficionado of jerky but by all accounts this was good stuff. It was in a ziplock bag and packed to the brim.

As we had just finished playing the best place to put it for safekeeping was in my guitar case. Now just to clarify this is a soft bag guitar case for my Taylor, which I usually carry on board planes. It's small enough to fit nicely in the overhead and it has a handy zippered pouch for various knick-knacks. It also handily fits a bag full of deer jerky!!!

Anyhow, the tour continued and my mind wandered away from said jerky. The plan was always to eat it once I got home but the truth is I may have forgotten it was in there. No doubt I would have discovered it once I unpacked. Unfortunately I never got that chance!!!

I arrived home exhausted after miles and miles of driving and a crack of dawn flight and deposited the guitar in my studio as I always do. The next day I went about the usual tour wrap up stuff and never gave the guitar case a second thought. Big mistake.

As I drove around town doing various errands evil was at play in my studio. A certain chubby beagle with an unbelievable nose had sensed something delicious was nearby. As he sniffed his way into my studio he undoubtedly saw the guitar case that he had ignored many times, but not this time. He probably couldn't believe his luck when the irresistible aromas of deer meat filled his senses. Where oh where was it coming from. The guitar case? Could it be?

But the guitar case was zipped tight. How was a chubby beagle with no thumbs to undue a zipped up guitar case. Then it hit him, it's a soft case.

When I walked in the door I instantly knew something was up. This dog has a way of looking guilty like no other. It doesn't matter how long ago the crime occurred, the minute he sees me a look comes over him. The ears go down, the head bows and I know to start looking for devastation somewhere.

Sure enough before long I discovered the scene. The guitar was still in its case but now lying on the ground. A huge hole was ripped into the pouch. At first I couldn't understand why he would do it, then it hit me, the jerky.

I found half of the ziplock bag on the ground about 10 feet away. It all came into focus. The chubby beagle had found the jerky and lost his mind. He had savaged the guitar case with no thought of the consequences. He had to have it, that smell, simply irresistible.

The end of the story is I now have a new bag for the guitar and the dog couldn't poop for three days. A combination of ziplock bag and guitar case with a pound of jerky not far behind was to blame I'm sure. He finally got back to normal and I would love to say he learned his lesson but I doubt it. The reward was too great. Ultimately it was my fault so no punishment was administered (unless you count the three days of sever constipation).

So to the young lass and her Dad who so kindly gave me the gift of the homemade jerky I apologize that I never got to taste it but I'm sure if the beagle could talk he would tell you it was truly delicious. Hopefully we'll be back that way shortly and I'll get another chance to sample your work. Until then it's back to the road, Alaska is calling and then the Midwest. We'll see ya out there.



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Our New Album "9" Available here.
Official Release Date March 4th, 2014

"There are no gimmicky drinking songs. This is like a pint of honest rock music with a shot of Irish flair dropped in for extra kick." -Spokane Inlander

"The Los Angeles-based band of Irish- and American-born rockers still busts out the Guinness-spilling anthems like nobody's business." -Idaho Statesman

"(The Young Dubliners) always put on a great show, always get the crowd dancing. And that vibe fortunately translates well to (NINE), there are plenty of tracks to get you off your seat." -PopCultureBeast

"(The Young Dubliners) have delivered a masterwork courtesy of their first-ever independent release... Nine is an album that will ring true on St Patrick's Day and every other day of the year." -Desert Star Weekly


The Young Dubs have a mini documentary made by our good friend Doug Busby. Doug is responsible for the Day in the Life of the Dubs St Paddys Day video seen below, but here, he has really outdone himself. He tirelessly followed us through the writing, recording and performing of WE THE MIGHTY over several months and has now made it available to all of you. If you ever wondered about this process, here it is! Big thank you to Doug. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

A Day in the Life of the Dubs

Click to see the organized chaos of a St Patricks Day in the US for us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMgHaby_cxU

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The reviews are coming in. Here's an account of our show in Medford, OR by Chris Conrad in the Mail Tribune.

We really enjoyed playing the whole Irish Sessions Album in Dublin, Waterloo, and Colorado. We just might pull it out again when ya least expect it! See this review from Dublin, Ohio by Mike Farragher.


Keith started playing Sierra Guitars, in addition to the Godin Guitars featured on our endorsements page. Check out this article on Keith and a link to Sierra Guitars at Keith's Road Stories page! Keith's Road Stories.

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House of Blues
House of Blues, 2015.

House of Blues
House of Blues, the confetti drops 2015.

St Paul
St Paul, 2015.

Denmark, 2015.

Denmark, 2015.

Sion Switzerland
Aug 2014. Sion, Switzerland.

Victor Idaho
July 2014 Victor, Idaho.

Odgen Utah
July 2014. Odgen, Utah.

July 2014. Missoula, Montana.

July 2014. Louisville, Colorado.

July 2014. Albuquerque Zoo, New Mexico.

June 2014. Austin, Texas.

Young Dubliners
Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

Young Dubliners
Photo: David Gwennap

Our Friend, Evan

In memory of Evan McGrath
- Musician and Dear Friend.

Evan died suddenly and unexpectedly on August 16. He was a great musician and one the nicest lads I met in Los Angeles when the band first started. He remained a dear friend to this day.
He will be greatly missed.
- Keith

Young Dubs Display at Hard Rock Hotel- Las Vegas

Youngs Dubs get their own display. It's in the best HARD ROCK of them all: Vegas Baby!!! Right next to Prince and Slash, on the way to the brand-new Joint. Stop by, check it out, take pics next to it for your vacation photo album!

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