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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Every year I comment on how in Ireland we just call this “Thursday”. But the truth is after living here as long as I have I quite enjoy this great day. It’s the one day that everyone can enjoy no matter what their religious affiliations or beliefs. A chance for everyone to give thanks for their family and friends, sit down and eat a hearty meal and perhaps even call a cease fire on political differences. At least until after digestion and the booze kicks in!!!!

It’s also the start of the nuttiest shopping spree the world has ever seen. People actually fly into New York from Ireland to grab the deals and enjoy the mania. Not really my cup of tea so instead I enjoy the online deals and shop in my pajamas with a nice hot whiskey in hand. Far more civilized I say.

Which is why the Young Dubs store is jumping into the fray with our very own “Green White and Gold” Friday. Starting tomorrow we will be knocking our prices down 25% for the week. Check out the store page and get Dubified for the coming months. (Remember, purchases made while enjoying a hot whiskey are still considered purchases. “I don’t remember doing that “ is not really a good reason to return). The YD deals are here

On a more personal note we are still in the midst of our last shows with Bob on guitar. We are very thankful for all the great years he has played with us and his contribution to the songs we have written during those years. They will live on forever and sit side by side the new songs we will write in the future. In a couple of days we will reveal the new Young Dub so you can all get to know him and google him like mad!

I can say he’s extremely excited and working his butt off to learn a pretty huge catalog of music. He and Bob have been working together which is brilliant and a huge relief. Bob’s last show is set for the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on Dec 23rd. Tickets are going fast so please grab them and help us give him a huge farewell and a big welcome to the new fella. They will both be onstage that night. Epic.

Meanwhile there are still three other shows where you can also catch Bob one more time. One in Cali and two in AZ. Details below.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all. Be nice to each other and get as many hugs in as you can. Tomorrow you can get back to arm to arm combat in the store of your choice or just lounge in bed all day like me, filling up UPS trucks with all your Amazon impulse buys (and a YD shirt of course).

My favorite phrase of the season. “I didn’t think I even needed that until I saw that price”


Sun Dec 3rd Muldoons Newport Beach. 2pm sharp. A very intimate acoustic show. Extremely limited seating. First come first served. Free Show

Fri Dec 15thThe Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, AZ

Sat Dec 16th Green Valley Community Arts Center. Green Valley, AZ.  Only 19 Tickets left

Sat Dec 23rd The Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA (Bobs last show)

We love ya,

Keith and the Boys