Bob is leaving

On a sad note, we have to announce that Bob will be leaving the band at the end of the year. We will let you know when and where his last show will be with us but all the remaining shows in 2017 will be “last shows” so come on down and give him a
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Keith’s Blog 9/25

Second week of East Coast tour starts in Manhattan tonight! We started off the festivities with two great shows in CT and Upstate NY. Now we head to the center of the world, New York New York. Hitting the stage at the Mercury Lounge at 9.30pm tonight. [...]
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Keith’s Blog 9/13

First and foremost our hearts go out to the folks affected by these terrible hurricanes. Tears flow every night as we watch the huge loss suffered by so many. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. But we are also amazed by the strength and resilience of those [...]
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Keith’s Blog 9/7

Any idea who this is? Clue, it’s before the beard. Young Dubs go back to Chicago, then Carson City, NV and Mammoth Lakes, CA. All in one weekend! Congrats to Conor McGregor for going ten rounds in his first ever professional boxing match against one of [...]