9 – Nine – Naoí

Nine is the latest, and the first completely independent, album from the Dubs. Created by the band and financed by the people - by you - with "total creative freedom and control for the first time in the band's

Saints and Sinners

Beginning with the raucous title track, SAINTS AND SINNERS continues in the spirit of that dual mindset as the Dubs mix free-wheeling party rockers like HOWAYA GIRLS and the vocal harmony-laden jam BACKSEAT DRIVER with anthemic and politically charged [...]

With All Due Respect – The Irish Sessions

We can’t quite remember when the idea for an ”all Irish song album” first dawned on us but we know it was a good while ago. For one reason or another it never happened, until now. Finally we have recorded what we hope is the best of the best. A [...]

Real World

Among the 12 rollicking tracks on the album (all of which were composed or arranged by the Young Dubliners), “Touch The Sky” stands out as a potent rock hit, with its killer hook and positive lyrics. “I’ve noticed recently that I can’t write a song about [...]


On their latest release,''Absolutely,'' the Young Dubliners have taken all the pieces that make their live shows so exciting and captured the vibe and excitement in the


Get ready to go a rollicking, whirlwind, 80 miles-per-hour-with- the-top-down-then-park-and- enjoy-the-view escapade with Red, newest release from the Young